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    Issue 7 – February 2023

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    The churches of Norfolk contain one of the most remarkable collections of late medieval art in Western Europe – they are a series of panel paintings incorporated into screen work, most notably rood, or as they are more appropriately called, chancel screens. Some of these paintings are of such fine quality that they are of international importance. If they were hung in an art gallery in a major city, they would be well known and acclaimed – but because they are to be found in isolated churches, they are not appreciated as much as they ought to be. In this issue of The Antiquary, we want to share examples of this great artistic legacy to give some sense of the significance, purpose, and motives behind their creation.  In many cases, these works of art, like our medieval churches in England in general, are now fragile and perilous. Unless they become better known, we risk losing an artistic treasure and essential source material for our medieval ancestors’ religious and social life.

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