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British History; Medieval Art, Architecture, Folklore, Buildings, Places, the British Monarchy & Much More -

Presented in an engaging, straightforward and sometimes light-hearted tone, The Antiquary YouTube Channel is the place to explore and learn about history.  It is a miscellany of videos covering various subjects from art, architecture, and folklore to royal history, death, burial and the macabre.

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"Enthralling! The Antiquary magazine brings the past to life. Kudos to Allan Barton for captivating content!"

Emily Richards Magazine Review

"A Must-Have! The Antiquary magazine immerses history lovers. Highly recommended!"

Benjamin Marshall Magazine Review

"Delightful Blend! The Antiquary magazine combines history and art beautifully. A true masterpiece!"

Sophia Carter Magazine Review

"A captivating exploration of history, art, and architecture. A compelling source of knowledge and inspiration!"

Ava Patterson Magazine Review

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The Antiquary is a personal project; learn about my story and experience and why I am fascinated by British History and culture.

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