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We have lots of very satisfied readers and subscribers who enjoy both The Antiquary magazine each month, and the varied content on the YouTube channel.  Below you can read the positive things what they have to say about our history magazine and channel.

Magazine Reviews from Readers and Subscribers

Our readers really value and appreciate the quality of the varied articles and features in the magazine and the colourful and high-quality presentation.  Read what people have to say about The Antiquary magazine.

Thank you for the time and hard work you spent producing such a beautiful magazine. It’s truly a work of art itself, and I’ll happily purchase more in the future to add to the two I’ve already received. 

Lynn B. Magazine Subscriber

I am very pleased that I decided to order a physical copy, as it’s a great pleasure to have the illustrations and text presented In such a sumptuous format, which complements the the contents perfectly. I have enjoyed reading and looking

Nicholas E. Magazine Subscriber

Very pleased with it. Interesting articles and the quality of the photos/ illustrations excellent.

Katherine O Magazine Subscriber

I thoroughly enjoyed the two magazines I purchased. Your attention to detail regarding the quality of paper and font has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. The amount of information and historical context was interesting and helpful to me as an American who utterly loves all things British.

Lynn B. Magazine Subscriber

I so enjoyed the first issue I bought that I had to buy another for a friend…..I wasn’t lending mine!  Really fantastic project. 

William M. Magazine Subscriber

A delight for the eye & the mind.

Sarah P. Magazine Subscriber

Arrived this morning and my wife is thrilled with them.....I won't see her for a week. I'll take out a subscription starting from next month's issue.

Steve R. Magazine Subscriber

Reviews From The Antiquary YouTube Channel

Explore a collection of reviews that highlight the captivating content, engaging storytelling, and expert insights that await you on The Antiquary’s channel. From medieval art and architecture to Gothic folklore and the intriguing history of the British monarchy, our viewers share their experiences and appreciation for the rich tapestry of content we offer.

Huge respect to you for researching writing and making these videos it obviously must take you ages to complete I absolutely love history and especially royal history with its traditions etc looking forward to watching the ceremony and watching history being made live.

Kewcoins2022 YouTube Comment

Thank you for your hard work on The Antiquary and providing everyone this fabulous content.

Jillmorris4319 YouTube Comment

Thank you for this extraordinary series. My Anglo Saxon studies at uni are flooding back. Something about Christus Rex, Dunstan & Edgar, can't quite remember. I think King Charles will take it all very seriously & with a great sense of duty.

Brucass93 YouTube Comment

Thank you for all the details. This Canadian living in California feels closer to “home” with each fact and story. You have made a fan of me The Antiquary.

PastorTheGathering YouTube Comment

Thank you for this episode, I really appreciate the full coverage of the history of the coronation oils. Pity nobody can be absolutely certain what happened to Thomas Beckett's oil. I too feared it might have been among the victims of those brutal destructions which sadly featured in transformative eras. The destruction of the eagle vial a century later is equally troubling.

Stephanieking4444 YouTube Comment
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