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Welcome to The Antiquary, a unique and quirky domain dedicated to history, art, and architecture! I’m Dr Allan Barton, The Antiquary, an explorer of the past, and this website is my vehicle to share my enthusiasm and expertise with you.

The Antiquary - Allan Barton (History Magazine Founder)

Allan Barton – The Antiquary

My unique blend of personality and experience is at the heart of The Antiquary.  The word Antiquary derives from the Latin ‘antiquarius’,  which means ‘concerning ancient times’; my whole life’s work has been focused on ancient times and our history and understanding it.  I am obsessive and passionate about the material remains of past centuries both for their inherent beauty and value, but also for the stories they reveal to us of people’s lives and how that informs our understanding of our culture in the present day.

I have established expertise and academic credentials in history, particularly medieval art and architectural history. With degrees in History and Theology, an MA in Medieval Studies, and a PhD in History of Art, I have over two decades of teaching experience, including time teaching in universities, as an adult education tutor and as a seasoned public speaker. I am a published author, a proficient writer, a productive and creative researcher, a skilled photographer and an inveterate blogger.  I am well-established and recognised in my field, and in 2017 I was elected as a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London, one of Britain’s learned societies.

The Antiquary - Allan Barton (History Magazine Founder)
The Antiquary History Magazine


The study of the past is an endeavour that involves endless adventure and deep dives down rabbit holes of discovery. The Antiquary magazine is unlike any other history magazine – it is a personal project I have lovingly brought to life to share with you.  When you subscribe to The Antiquary magazine, you join me as I delve into the past and share with you many of the absorbing facets, obscure details, and intriguing stories and narratives I have pulled out of the rabbit holes of history. The magazine is a monthly treasure trove of in-depth articles and features, all copiously and beautifully illustrated from my photographic archive.  Each issue will transport you back to the past and illuminate some of our culture’s lost and hidden treasures.

The Antiquary History YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

The Antiquary YouTube channel is a partner project to the magazine and a personal project.  On the channel, I offer entertaining content that is presented straightforwardly, engagingly and, at times, with humour.  As I am infected, the channel aims to infect you with a passion for history. The range is as diverse as my interests – I explore British and European history in a broad sense, medieval art and artefacts, Gothic architecture, and royal and Church history. I also touch on the esoteric and the bizarre – macabre subjects such as the history of death and burial and the occasional foray into the paranormal world.

Come over to the channel, look and subscribe; there is lots of content that will take you on an adventure into the past; you will also find a growing, warm and friendly community of history enthusiasts there.

The Antiquary History YouTube Channel

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