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    Issue 23 – June 2024

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    Welcome to the June 2024 issue of The Antiquary. I often find when we start to write the magazine each month, that the articles begin to take shape and then common links and themes emerge between them – and this issue is no exception.  The first article looks at the genre of Vanitas painting in the Netherlands in the seventeenth century, a genre in which the artists through complex allegory reflect on the vanity of humanity’s accomplishments in the face of death.  One of the paintings I focus on is an allegory of the life of King Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria.  Then we go on to look at the life of Jefferey (sic) Hudson, the court dwarf to Henrietta Maria – a man who found himself in many scrapes and lived a remarkable ans surprising life. Despite rising high (in court if not in stature!), he has no monument, and lies in a pauper’s grave and is largely forgotten.  Lastly, is an article in which I lament the loss of a beautiful and beloved building, Goltho church in Lincolnshire, which was recently ravaged by fire.  The running theme: that life, creation and people’s accomplishments are fragile indeed.

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