Issue 15 – October 2023 (Digital)

Issue 15 – October 2023 (Digital)


Welcome to the October 2023 issue of The Antiquary. In this month’s issue we first take you on a journey to a remote and hidden chapel to see some stained glass commissioned by a member of Henry VIII’s household from  the royal glazier no less – it is a fine and rare work of art.  Then we explore with you one of the great lost structures of Tudor England, the great Palace of Whitehall, its history and its layout.  Lastly, in a continuation of last month’s article on funeral hatchments, we turn to the matter of funeral achievements and the practice of ‘heraldic’ funerals in medieval and early modern England.  

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Issue 15 – October 2023 - The Antiquary History MagazineIssue 15 – October 2023 (Digital)
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